kta2 My very first solo art exhibition in Singapore at Pitch Black Cafe, 2007. Organized by Prohibited Projects, a DIY records label and gig organizer.

Website screen capture courtesy of www.ricecooker.kerbau.com. Words by Joe Kidd (ricecooker.kerbau.com, Carburetor Dung).

Poster: Ken Terror doc.


hellowar1 hellowar2

Hellowar (RIP) was the best of a few (neo) crust bands from Jakarta, Indonesia. The ex members then formed new awesome bands: Duct Tape Surgery, Oath and Executed. I did an illustration for their first self-titled and self-released CD cover art in 2006. And they used the art for t-shirt graphic too.


Also in 2005, a legendary grindcore band from Malaysia called Mass Separation did an Indonesian tour in Java Island only. And here’s the poster art (and the t-shirt graphic as well) that i did.

japcoreattack1 japcoreattack2

In 2005, two fastcore/powerviolence bands from Japan did a Southeast Asian Tour (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand). A friend of mine who ran a small DIY label in Yogyakarta commissioned me to do an artwork for the advanced tour tape and poster. And here’s what i did.

hantam prejudice1 hantam prejudice2 My illustration for “Hantam (English: Smash) Prejudice” compilation tape cover art. And since i didn’t have a pc back then, i did the whole layout of the front cover manually (background colour blocking and hand lettering of the title). The tape features some various local underground bands in any genres (hardcore punk, crust, grindcore, thrash). 2003.


Still from the year 2002, a fan art that i did for WxHxN – A thrash band from San Fransisco. Later the drummer (Max Ward) released Domestik DoktrinĀ (where i played drums) 7″ on his label 6x2x5 Records.


Back to the year 2002 when i was in my old thrashcore band called Domestik Doktrin. Our band had a website that showcased my early works. Unpredictably, Krogh who runs the Attack Webzine (Sweden) contacted the band for an interview and to showcase my works on his site. And this illustration is what i contributed. My very first hand drawing with halftone-like stipple detailing, and i sticked the hand lettering of Old English font too.